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How to add a question

There are two ways to add a question - using the Questions and Answers page, or via the Document Viewer* using the integrated questions and answers panel. 

Adding a single question via the Questions and Answers page 

  1. Go to Ruby Datum > Questions and Answers.
  2. At the top right click Add Question.
  3. Type the full question in the 'Your question' box.
  4. Optional - choose a currently uploaded document to relate to the question.
  5. Click Save.

To add multiple questions at once, click Add Multiple Questions and write each question in the box separated by a new line. Choosing a related document will relate each question to that document. 

Adding a single question via the Document Viewer 

  1. Go to Ruby Datum > Documents.
  2. Navigate to the relevant file.
  3. Click the name of the file, which will open the document viewer.
  4. At the bottom right click the question mark icon.
  5. Click Add question at the top right of the new pop-up menu.
  6. Type the full question in the Your Question box.
  7. Click Save.

Questions can be viewed, replied to, deleted or edited via the Questions and Answers page, or via the document viewer of the related document.

Who can add questions, reply to, delete or edit questions? 

By default only the author of the question and administrators can view or reply to a question. This can be changed in the Questions and Answers settings to allow all users to view questions, or allow users within the same group to view questions. 

Only administrators can edit or delete questions. 


The author of replies to questions can be hidden by default in the Questions and Answers settings. If this is set, only administrators will be able to view the author of a reply. 

*If Questions and Answers integration with document viewer is enabled by a site administrator in the Questions and Answers settings.